Forests and Trees - Brad Lee Dale North

From the Poplar Trees

As much time as I spend looking up, looking down merits just as captivating of a scene to witness. I thought I'd noodle around on google and find a cheesy poplar poem to fit with this image, yet I quickly lost interest.

It's too easy to use someone else's words to convey a feeling, but they all felt like, well, someone else's words. This is my image and not someone else's, so I figure I might as well pair it with my own words. So here's a stab at poetry, by me.

As the poplars stand tall
in a gentle breeze they sway

With the fairest of falls
their leaves will soon give way

Just beneath my feet
lies a quiet blanket of browns

Now a yellow treat
does make the brightest of sounds

Since images are usually only triggering a visual sensation, I figured I would invite some of the other senses to the party. You're invited too, just don't hover over the cheese dip, you can share.


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