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Ticket to Paradise

Decided somewhat late one night that I wanted to catch a sunset at Paradise in Mt. Rainier National Park. With a 9:05ish sunset and a two hour drive to the location, that gave me roughly an hour to explore, find something that peaks my interest and then fire away.

Visions of meadows, rife with wildflowers and calm glacial lakes with Rainier reflected, danced around in my head. However my half-ass research was proving to me that I did not plan it out very well. So upon arrival I just basically ran around the various trails, letting the 6000' altitude take it's toll on my inexperienced body. Rainier's prominence never presented itself in a way I would have liked, wildflowers were scant and clouds covered the top of the mountain at the peak of light. Walking around somewhat defeated but realizing I could always come back again, I enjoyed the calm and quiet evening listening to the constant, steady wind whipping around Rainier and throwing the clouds every which way.

As I was walking back toward the parking lot, this small, still stream looked enticing so I strayed a bit from the path and walked around checking out it's curves... Rainier's top began to show and I looked for an area to reflect it and was fortunate enough to also have this great S curve to boot! Then began the fun part. Trying every single damn tripod height, position and camera orientation I possibly could in a short window of time until something made me go, "oh cool". Hopefully you can look at this and say "oh cool" as well.

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