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Curtain Call at Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek Grist Mill is considered a classic location in Washington. Many photographers will flock to this area for its incredible blend of features. With so much to see it can be daunting to decide on what to shoot. I snapped a couple from the covered bridge above me but realized I wasn't offering much of a view different from what anyone else can simply walk up to - basically a postcard vantage point.

After walking along Cedar Creek and photographing the leaf-laden rocks, I found myself faced once again with the mill. Deciding to test my luck with water one last time, I walked down to a point I felt comfortable without my camera to make sure my footing was substantial in knee deep water. I went back to dry land, grabbed my tripod, placed it solidly in the water close to this point, then walked around and assumed my position, eventually bringing the tripod to where you see here. I can’t stress enough how nervous this made me. Water and cameras do not mix with me and I’m constantly on edge with this vision of everything crashing into or being hit with water, both of which have happened to me. However if I’m not willing to face it, I’ll never get over it, so into the water I go. To make things even more interesting, salmon are swimming upstream right next to me, their random tail flaps and jumps making sure I’m real aware of my surroundings. This is literally the last photo I shot before leaving the mill and it’s not often that the last photo is even considered for showing, because it’s usually only photographed in sheer desperation.

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