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Intertwined Pine II

As much as I love chasing great light and looking for grand scenes, it often limits my shooting times and makes me feel stagnant in the process. There's almost a set recipe and the flavor can become bland over time.

That said, I went out yesterday with the intention of trying out something new for me, in-camera double exposures. I've seen this technique done with portraiture, juxtaposing the subject with an aspect of nature, which creates an earthy and surreal effect. Using that same process I had an idea of balancing the evergreen pines up here with the surroundings of the Fall color. With a little bit of foresight, technical know-how, playfulness and luck, I was able to come up with some fun scenes, all of which were carried out completely in camera. The exercise is a great way to get off a tripod, and really explore the area. I would look for larger, wider scenes as the subject and then immediately lurk around for patches of color to fill in the dark areas on my first exposure.

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